Wednesday, March 29, 2006

welsh assembly on malfeasance charge

hello people the words on this image are 'you are the one you have been waiting for'

yesterday at the assembly tues 28/3/06 I was a naughty boy and opened up an A4 sheet of paper and held it in my hands over the bar of the viewing chamber while the Assembly members were in their Plennary session. Theres a word for you huh Plennary.

On the piece of paper it read 'DWP Dr. perjured a report about me' there was also a little bit about malfeasance from the Health and social services committee.

Anyway one of the ushers had to do his duty and take it off me. To be honest why someone is stopped from holding an A4 sheet of paper in their hands is a bit of a mystery but it counts as a banner?????????

I asked the nice man if he would hand it to the top police officer on the site as an official complaint and could he come back and give me the guys name. He duly did and after apologizing to the two people we somewhat bothered I made the complaint direct to the officer asking that after 2 years of bringing my protest to the assembly that alone ought to be enough to make the charge stick. It seems that I have to write another letter to the chief constable
which I've done today, is there any point in me sending it to the IPCC not alot Crazydave after all you contacted them a year ago this April and they are refusing to reply to your e-mails lately. yeah dot gov dot gov any e-mail address that has dot in is suspect to me these days.

So that it people the charge was first made this monday on the bbc action network, most especially as the Assembly members havent responded to the bullshit the local government ombudsman have been chucking my way,
let alone the rest of this stuff like the assembly conspiring with the water companies to make the share holders happy.

So the not so simple Simon the policenman is gonna let me know whats required legalise wise for them to persue the claim, for the rest of this nation I hope the Chief Constable Hi Babs (tishtish crazydave) sorry Mrs. Wilding,
decides that poverty really is the number one cause of crime and brings the crown prosecution service to bear against the welsh assembly on your mine everybodies behalf, because their malfeasance to me is malfeasance to you, and though they don't recognise it yet to themselves.

As Babajii says 'There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future'

Love n light Crazydave
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